Having graduated from university with a teacher training degree in 

Art and History of Art, the owner of Rolfes the Florist, Pip Hill-John has

responded to the demands to run quality workshops for individuals interested in floristry. 



September 29th home entertainment 

October 4th limited and linear 

October 20th autumn harvest 

November 1st trio of Christmas cheer - door wreath 

November 24th Christmas - centre stage 

December 6th  Christmas - tree 



The majority of floristry work is undertaken whilst standing. If you specifically require a seat please can you notify me separately. 


Workshop programme for 2016 




This work shop will start with the beginning of general Florisrty skills. Taking a variety of flowers and arriving at a handtied of flowers, placing into a vase to maximise effect. To then place flowers into a receptacle - vase that can be placed on a dining table.  

All flowers will be provided. 

Please can all attendees bring a suitable pot/vase, no larger than 6 inch long and 4 inches high. 



Linear and limited


Taking flower arranging into different dimensions. Front facing, using a limited amount of flowers to maximise impact. 

You will learn new skills on how to manipulate leaves and how to maximise the space between the flowers.

All flowers and mechanics will be provided.



Autumn Harvest 


To work with natures hedgerows. 

Attendees will enjoy the freedom of creating a basket. Learning how to position the flowers to create maximum impact.

You will learn how to use different textures effectively. 

Please can you bring a suitable basket with you, alternatively they will be av available to purchase on the night. 



Christmas cheer


A succession of 3 workshops looking at interesting and creative  ways to dress your house for the festive season.


Week 1 


Door wreath 


Using different textures and varieties of greenery to create a beautifully full door wreath. 

To learn how to tie a bow - it's not as easy as it looks! 

How to prepare cinnamon sticks to place into a wreath. 

To 'dress' the wreath with your chosen accessories. 

Wreaths will be provided.

Ribbons can be purchased on the night.

Attendees will need to bring accessories of their choosing to dress their Wresths, eg little silver baubles etc.


Week 2


Centre stage


To learn how to create a beautiful  centre piece for the Christmas table, using seasonal foliage, with a candle or candles.

Attendees will learn how to choose the right shape for their table, how to place candles securely into the arrangement and work using different textures to maximum effect. 

(parallel or circular) 


Week 3


Christmas tree


This is the most exciting of the trio of Christmas workshops! 

We will make a Christmas tree out of different seasonal foliage. 

Sometimes small is beautiful and this is definitely the case with these. 

Attendees will need to supply a pot and accessories of your choosing to dress the tree. 






All flowers and basic sundries will be supplied to attendees.

Cost - £25.00 per person per workshop. 

Workshops will run from 6.30pm - 8.30pm. 

They will be held in the calming and creative environment of the shop premises.


To book email Pip HERE spaces are limited to 10 per workshop.