How to Choose Funeral Flowers

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When the time comes to arrange a funeral, choosing the flowers can help you to release some of your emotion, especially when the arrangement or tribute to the individual captures who they were as a person. They might have had a favourite flower or you might think of a particular flower when you think of them and so, that is always a good place to start.

It can often be difficult to find the right words to say and so a floral tribute is often the ideal and a nice way to remember them and to show your love and care.

What funeral flower arrangements are available?

There are many different styles of flowers for funerals. Arrangements such as sheaves, sprays, and wreaths. Commonly, people will select a number of designs to dress the funeral including a casket spray, this is the piece that specifically fits the top of the casket and then other items to complement or match the main piece.

The floral tribute is often the most distinctive funeral flower arrangement. These can be personal to the deceased and they can relate to a hobby or interest they had, from cats to crickets bats, hearts to horses, or they can spell out their name, they often reflect loving and cherished memories of the loved one and add an incredible personal touch to what is a difficult time.

There are still many other alternative designs that you may wish to consider, wreaths, posies’, pillows and cushions, and these too can be made to include a favourite flower, colour or words to reflect the memory of the deceased.

What funeral flowers are popular? (just a few)

Lilies – These are a popular funeral flower and are believed to depict purity and a restoration of innocence, with the most popular variety being the stargazer. They have a distinct scent, which many associate with the smell of a funeral home.

Roses – These are common flowers for funeral arrangements and are more than appropriate for any funeral. Each variety of colour has a different meaning such as red being the symbol of love and yellow being the symbol of gratitude. Roses are the perfect choice when mixed with other flowers as well as leaves and sprigs as part of a larger funeral tribute or floral bouquet.

Gladioli – This is a flower that certainly grabs attention, particularly when you consider that the stems can reach 4ft tall. It comes in a range of colour such as white, pink, red, orange, purple, yellow and green and they are often linked to gladiators because of their sword-like appearance.

Chrysanthemums – This is a flower that is strongly linked with death and funerals in countries such as France, where they are used to celebrate All Souls’ Day which marks the commemoration of the dead. The most popular choice of colour is red, pink and gold but the name actually means “Gold Blossom” in Greek and so, it symbolises joy and optimism.

There are so many flowers to choose from and our biggest tip whether colour of flowers, type or the design of your tribute -let your heart decide, you wont get it wrong.

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